Addiction Resource Guide

New Dawn Recovery Centers

Freestanding Chemical Dependency Rehab

The Program
"In Its Own Words"


Self Description:

"New Dawn's detox and residential treatment program is 'client centered' and therefore specially tailored to meet each individual's needs in a private, comfortable setting, using a clinically proven cognitive behavioral approach together with a multidisciplinary staff, 12 Step introduction, and free lifetime aftercare support."

Treatment Philosophy:

"New Dawn understands that while addiction is a disease, because life experiences play a major role in accelerating the illness, a 'whole person' approach that addresses one's physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual struggles will provide each of our clients with the best chance at achieving fundamental change in their lives, thereby ensuring lasting sobriety."

Approach to Dual Diagnosis:

"Because close to 50% of those seeking treatment for chemical dependency are also suffering from often related psychological symptoms such as depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder, we offer psychiatric services in the form of evaluations, follow-ups, and medication management by physicians that are specially trained in both psychiatry and addiction medicine so that any secondary diagnosis can be identified and treated during the residential stay."

Family Program:

"New Dawn recognizes that one's addiction affects everyone around them, and therefore offers comprehensive support for family members in the form of weekly therapy in a group setting, where varying topics such as family dynamics and family dysfunction, the disease model of addiction, codependency, and introduction to Al-Anon are covered."

Position on 12 Step Involvement:

"There is no doubt that the 12 Step philosophy has assisted tens of thousands of individuals in maintaining their sobriety, and for that reason New Dawn offers an introduction to 12 Steps and encourages meeting attendance; however, we respect our clients' right to choose an alternative support group."

Position on Confrontation:

"Clinical interventions and motivational counseling are very effective in helping those struggling with addiction to resolve the pain and fear that often drives their initial denial and resistance to the truth about their disease, and these confrontational approaches are always applied in a respectful and caring manner."

Additional Characteristics:

"We have been providing highly effective and affordable drug and alcohol treatment in Northern California since 1987. Our ability to offer step-down levels of care such as Day Treatment and Intensive Outpatient together with our free Lifetime Aftercare support program has helped thousands of individuals break free from their addiction and achieve lasting sobriety."


    Number of Beds: 28
    Detox Available: Yes

  • Last Year's Admissions:

    Total Annual Admits 330
    Average Length of Stay 24 days
    Percent of Women 34%
    Percent under 25 28%
    Percent with College Education 60%
    Percent Covered by Public Assistance 0%
    Receiving some form of psychiatric medication other than for detoxification20%

  • Admissions Procedures:

    Night Admission Available: Yes
    Weekend Admission available: Yes
    Face to Face Interview or exam required before admission: Yes


Facility has separate program for:
  • Adolescents (Ages 12-18)
  • Anorexia/Bulimia

  • Facility has special track for:
  • Alcohol Addiction
  • Cocaine Addiction
  • Family
  • Men
  • Psychiatric (Dual Diagnosis)
  • Women

  • Facility has group sessions for:
  • Accupuncture
  • Anger Management/Conflict Resolution
  • Codependency
  • Crystal Meth
  • Equine Therapy
  • Native American
  • Nicotine Cessation
  • Parenting/Life Skills
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Self Esteem Building
  • Spirituality
  • Young Adults (Ages 18-25)


    Self-pay Cost: $600 per day detox; $400 per day residential; $150 per day IOP
    Public Assistance coverage may be accepted: No
    Medicare Coverage accepted: No
    Insurance Coverage verified before admission: Yes
    Follow-up Care included at no additional charge: Yes


    Licensed by: California ADP
    Type of License: Detox, Residential, Day IOP, Adolescent
    Accredited by: CARF

    Contact Information:
    Admissions Telephone Number: (866) 969-4300
    General Information: (916) 723-1319
    Address: 7447 Antelope Road, Suite 103
    Citrus Heights, CA 95621